Hawaii – Oahu

The alphabet of democracy referred to as the «A.B.C.D. Powers», America, Britain, China and the Dutch unite in the defense of Democracy in the Orient and the South Seas. They formed a circle around Japan and as a part of it, the Territory of Hawaii served as a crucial base for the United States throughout the war, providing a strategic location for naval operations, airfields, and logistical support. The islands of Oahu, where Pearl Harbor is situated, played a central role in the Allied efforts to counter Japanese advances in the Pacific.

Black crackle Zippo with various engravings: «Gam.», «A.B.C.D.», «Oahu» and «T.H.» on the front and «44 ~ 45» on the back side.

  • Model: four barrel hinge, round bottom
  • Year: 1942 - 43
  • Status: in collection