In Memory of Ernie Pyle – engraved by Zippo

«In memory Ernie Pyle 1945» is engraved on the front of this black crackle Zippo in mint condition. Pyle was the best-known American war correspondent. He was killed on the island of Ie Shima by gun fire on April 15th of 1945 during the battle of Okinawa. There is a monument dedicated to his memory on the southern part of the island.

George Blaisdell, who had an intense and mutually appreciative correspondence with Ernie Pyle during the war, had this unique Zippo engraved as a token of great appreciation and in memory of him. Only some hundred pieces were manufactured and given to the crew of the U.S.S. Cabot.

  • Model: three barrel hinge, round bottom
  • Year: 1943 - 45
  • Status: in collection