Rome – Heston Mc Mann

After nine months of bitter combat, on 11 May 1944 the Allies launched operation «Diadem» which was to break through the «Gustav Line» and open the way to Rome. Allied forces and specifically the U.S. Fifth Army liberated Rome in June 1944 and tanks paraded in triumph past Rome's ancient colosseum. Heston Mc Mann served in the 803rd Military Police Battalion which was activated 26 December 1942 at Camp Swift, Texas, disembarked at Naples on 3 October 1943 and was ordered to establish Military Police control over the city and port. Later, they served in Anzio, Rome, Civitavecchia, Leghorn, and then back to Naples where the battalion was inactivated 30 June 1946.

Heston Mc Mann used both a chrome plated Zippo as well as a Ronson lighter. Both with various engravings: his name, his service number «32713080», the combat unit «Co. A 803 M.P. Bn.» in which he served, the stations «Oran – Africa», «Naples – Mt. Vesuv» and «Rome» with the Colosseum on the front and the U.S. Army Great Seal insignia, the years «1943» and «1944» and the three camps «Upton, N..Y.», «Swift, Texas» and «Shanks, N.Y.» on the back.

  • Model: four barrel hinge, round bottom
  • Year: 1942 - 43
  • Status: in collection