Sports – Cubs Chicago

The Chicago Cubs are an American professional baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois. The Cubs enjoyed one more pennant at the close of WWII. Due to the wartime travel restrictions, the first three games of the 1945 World Series were played in Detroit. Indeed, the '45 season, and others during the war years, almost didn't happen. Some officials thought professional sports an unnecessary drain on resources needed for the war effort. Fortunately for fans, President Franklin Roosevelt had overruled them, with a letter in 1942 to Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the commissioner of baseball. «I honestly feel that it would be best for the country to keep baseball going,» Roosevelt wrote in what became known as the «green light letter.» «Everybody will work longer hours and harder than ever before. And that means that they ought to have a chance for recreation and for taking their minds off their work even more than before.»

  • Model: three barrel hinge, round bottom
  • Year: 1943 - 45
  • Status: in collection