U.S. 105th Engineer Combat Battalion

The 30th Infantry Division landed at Omaha Beach, France on 10 June 1944. With them came their Divisional Engineers, the 105th Engineer Combat Battalion. One notable campaign in which the 105th Engineer Combat Battalion participated was Operation Market Garden. Among others the batallion took part in September in the liberation of the Valkenburg in the Netherlands.

Well worn black crackle Zippo with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers insignia and a coat of arms of the Valkenburg on the front and two Netherland coins with the image of Queen Wilhelmina. In 1941 the Germans seized all the silver and copper coins. This was on the one hand because the old coins bore the image of Queen Wilhelmina, on the other hand the metal was used for the German arms industry. The people had to hand in their old coins in exchange for new zinc coins or paper money. However, many people kept their old coins and as a symbol of resistance and as a reminder of the royal family.

  • Model: four barrel hinge, flat bottom
  • Year: 1942 - 43
  • Status: in collection
U.S. 105th Engineer Combat Battalion / PRZ