U.S. Army Air Force – Air Transport Command

Air transport command was a U.S. Army Air Force unit that was created during WWII as the strategic airlift component of the U.S. Army Air Forces. The north African wing (redesignated north African division on 1 July 1944) was established June 1943 from a split of the Africa-middle east wing. Moved aircraft, supplies and cargo from west African transport hub. Operated the Mediterranean Air Transport service from Casablanca to Cairo and later from Algiers to Naples in 1944.

Chrome plated Zippo with a U.S. Army Air Force pilot badge and an Air Transport command emblem on one side and a U.S. Army officers collar insignia along with an Egyptian 10 Milliemes 1943 coin with King Farouk.

  • Model: three barrel hinge, round bottom
  • Year: 1943 - 45
  • Status: in collection