U.S. Army Air Force – «Lucky Gremlin»

Chrome plated Zippo with U.S. Army Air Force insignia, a sterling lucky gremlin charm were popular with the B-17 crew and an emblem of AAF eastern technical training command on the front. From a soldier with the service number 36755043 from Chicago who started 19 June 1943 at fort Sheridan Illinois and was honorably discharged 5 September 1945. On the back, the side and on the top all training camps and stays are engraved. In chronological order: 1631st SURRC Ft. Custer, Mich 3 Jul 43, 1177th Tng Gp BTC # 10 Greensboro, NC 11 Jul 43, 74th AAF TTD Greeley, Colo 5 Oct 43, 24th TSS, AAF WTTC Ft Logan, Colo 5 Oct 43, 23d TSS, AAF WTTC Ft Logan, Colo 25 Oct 43, ORD # 3, Seymour Johnson Field, Goldsboro, NC 9 Dec 43, Camp Patrick Henry, Va., Hampton Roads, Va., SS Livermore 2-28 Apr 44 Brindisi, Italy, 90th Dep. Rep. Sq., 15th AF AAF SC/MTO Naples, Italy, SS Mt. Vernon 8-18 Jul. 45, Hampton Roads, Va., Camp Patrick Henry, Va., Camp Grant, III, Ft. Sheridan, III. 

  • Model: four barrel hinge, flat bottom
  • Year: 1937 - 41
  • Status: in collection