U.S. Army Medical Corps – 91st General Hospital

The 91st General Hospital was activated on 20 June 1943 at Schick Hospital, Clinton, Iowa. After training 13 March 1944, the organization embarked with destination the European theater. First moved to the United Kingdom, later reached Le Havre harbor on 26 September 1945. The bulk of the organization took up temporary quarters at Camp Philip Morris (one of the Cigarette Camps around Le Havre) to await the final transportation to Liège, Belgium. The organization was equipped with 1,000 beds, which could be expanded to 2,000 beds and was equipped with 55 officers, 1 staff sergeant, 83 nurses, 450 soldiers and 20 trucks and 8 trailers.

Chrome plated Zippo with the name of the owner «Gene C. Tanner», his unit «91st Gen. Hosp. U.S.A.» on the front and the period of service «1944-46» together with the countries of service «England», «France» and «Belgium» engraved on the back. The style of engraving is the same as on the following Zippo of Lt. Col. Philip Baxter, who also served in the 91st General Hospital in Liège, Belgium.

  • Model: three barrel hinge, flat bottom
  • Year: 1943 - 45
  • Status: in collection