U.S. Marine Corps – Marine Raiders

The Marine Raiders are special operations forces originally established by the U.S. Marine Corps during WWII as the first special operations forces an elite force within an elite force to conduct amphibious light infantry warfare.

The Raider Battalions were put into action on August 1942 and landed assigned to the 1st Marine Division on Tulagi in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate as the opening phase of the Guadalcanal Campaign. During the New Georgia Campaign, the 1st Marine Raider Regiment was task organized for a new mission with the 1st and 4th Raiders. At the same time, the 2nd and 3rd Raider Battalions were temporarily attached to the 2nd Marine Raider Regiment for the invasion of Bougainville, the final combat action of the Raiders before their dissolution.

Well worn black crackle Zippo with scratched Marine Raiders insignia on the front and the year «1943» and the name «Bougainville» on the back side.

  • Model: three barrel hinge, round bottom
  • Year: 1943 - 45
  • Status: in collection