U.S. Naval Aviation – F.B.

WWII saw the emergence of naval aviation as the decisive element in the war at sea. The principal users were Japan, United States and Britain. During the course of the war, seaborne aircraft were used in fleet actions at sea (Midway, Bismarck), strikes against naval units in port (Taranto, Pearl Harbor), support of ground forces (Okinawa, Allied invasion of Italy) and anti-submarine warfare (the Battle of the Atlantic). Carrier-based aircraft were specialised as dive bombers, torpedo bombers, and fighters. Surface-based aircraft such as the PBY Catalina helped finding submarines and surface fleets.

There is on the front the U.S. naval aviator emblem and on the back the personal initials F.B.

  • Model: four barrel hinge, flat bottom
  • Year: 1937 - 43
  • Status: in collection