U.S. Navy «U.S.S. MC Calla» – engraved by Zippo

A very interesting version of a wartime Zippo, as this tells a story from a time when the United States was already supporting Allied forces in Europe without being involved itself in 1940. The first U.S.S. MC Calla (DD-253) was commissioned in 1919 and was in service for the United States Navy as a destroyer until 1940. Then the ship was transferred to the British Royal Navy, which used the boat as the second HMS Stanley (I73) in the long-range escort role. Until her loss on 19 December 1941 due to torpedoing by the U 574, HMS Stanley succeeded in sinking two German U-boats.

Worn Zippo with diagonal lines and original manufacturing engraving of the ships name «U.S.S. MC Calla», the ship number «253», the add-on «TO R.N» and the year «1940» on one side and the monogram «FB» on the other side.

  • Model: four barrel hinge, flat bottom
  • Year: 1940
  • Status: in collection