U.S. Navy «U.S.S. Oklahoma» – engraved by Zippo

The U.S.S. Oklahoma was on Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. That was the morning the Japanese Empire attacked the United States by surprise. The Japanese used dive-bombers, fighter-bombers, and torpedo planes to sink nine ships, including five battleships, and severely damage twenty-one ships. There were 2,402 US deaths from the attack. Of those deaths, 1,177 were from the U.S.S. Arizona, and 429 were from the U.S.S. Oklahoma. The crew of the U.S.S. Oklahoma did everything they could to fight back. In the first ten minutes of the battle eight torpedoes hit the Oklahoma and it began to sink. A ninth torpedo hit the battleship as it sank in the mud. On 28 December 1943, Oklahoma was towed into drydock No. 2, at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard but because of her age and heavy damages the USS Oklahoma was decommissioned on 1 September 1944.

Mint black crackle Zippo with original factory engraving of the ships name «U.S.S. Oklahoma» and the date «12–28–43».

  • Model: four barrel hinge, flat bottom
  • Year: 1943
  • Status: in collection