U.S. Submarine – Charles Mc Henry

Submarines are very valuable attack vehicles. In WWII they were basically surface ships that could travel underwater for a limited time. The submarines of the United States were already very advanced and won the Pacific theatre. Charles Mc Henry (Avril 20, 1924 – December 19, 2011) served in the Navy during WWII aboard the submarine USS Finback, mainly in the South Pacific, and aboard the USS Bang during the Korean War. USS Finback was commissioned into United States Navy service early in the Pacific War. She arrived at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, United States on 29 May 1942, and on 31 May she was dispatched to the Midway area in anticipation of a Japanese attack. Between mid-1942 and the end of the war, she embarked on 12 war patrols, 9 of which were designated successful. She sank a total of 69,383 tons of enemy shipping during the war, and rescued, among other downed aviators, future President of the United States George Bush.

  • Model: three barrel hinge, round bottom
  • Year: 1943 - 45
  • Status: in collection